OPP Conducts Safety Blitz in Response to Transport Truck Collisions

transport truckIn response to the high number of transport trucks that have been involved in accidents over the last several years, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) conducted a one-day safety blitz, named Operation Corridor, on Thursday, June 16.

The enforcement and education initiative served as a crackdown on commercial drivers in an effort to encourage them to make safety on the roads a priority.

Ahead of the blitz, safety officials released staggering statistics that showed that more than 27,000 transport trucks have been involved in accidents throughout the last five years.

Those accidents resulted in 321 fatalities on Ontario roads between 2011 and 2015. Of those who died in the accidents, 40 were truck drivers and 281 were in passenger vehicles.

According to OPP deputy commissioner, truck accidents result in a higher number of fatalities than accidents involving only passenger vehicles. On average, for every death of a transport driver, there are seven other lives lost.

Although most accidents involve another vehicle, OPP highlighted the fact that others are the result of unsecured loads and equipment that fly into the path of a vehicle.

OPP officials noted that although there are plenty of safe truck drivers on the roads, those who fail to make safe decisions or do not maintain proper upkeep on the maintenance of their vehicles need to know just how devastating those actions can be.

During the one-day operation, officers and Ministry of Transportation officials ensured proper inspection of transport trucks and that they were driving safely.

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