Thousands Charged in Southwestern Ontario During Canada Road Safety Week

police car during daytimeOPP was busy on Canada Road Safety Week, as they laid more than 2,600 charges during the week that ended on May 22nd.

They were focused on charging drivers engaged in four of the main causes of serious or fatal collisions, including driving aggressively, driving while intoxicated, inattentive/distracted driving, and failing to buckle a seatbelt.

West Region OPP laid a total of 1,552 charges for speeding, including 51 charges for stunt driving or racing. There were also 60 charges for impaired driving, with 11 warn-range suspensions. OPP laid 94 charges over failure to wear a seatbelt and 22 charges for distracted or inattentive driving.

West Region OPP patrols areas like Windsor-Essex, Sarnia Lambton, London-Middlesex, Chatham-Kent and Huron County.

There were just 2,400 charges laid during last year’s enforcement campaign in May.

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