New Study Shows Drivers Feeling Less Safe on the Road

afternoon freeway traffic The Canadian Automobile Association South Central Ontario recently commissioned a study that seems to indicate many drivers are feeling less safe on the road today. Nearly all drivers in the study have witnessed increased aggressive or unsafe driving behaviour in the last year.

According to Windsor News Today, the study reveals 98 per cent of Ontario’s drivers observed vehicles being operated in a reckless manner during the past twelve months. That figure is up by three percentage points from the previous year. Simultaneously, the number of drivers feeling confident behind the wheel fell – by six per cent.

Ontario Police Services Report Increased Unsafe Driving Behaviour

According to CAA SCO Community Relations consultant Michael Stewart, Ontario police services have been reporting “significant amounts” of aggressive or unsafe driving, including speeding and stunt driving behaviour. Stewart says, “The pandemic amplified awareness, but the issue was growing well before that.”

Stewart believes that increased unsafe driving behaviour may also be, in part, a return to prepandemic traffic.

How Drivers Can Stay Safer on the Road

Being a defensive driver can help you to stay safer on the road. This means remaining alert at the wheel and being mindful of other drivers around you. If you observe any aggressive driving, such as speeding or swerving in and out of lanes, some preventative measures you can take include:

  • Do not engage with any driver exhibiting unsafe or aggressive behaviour
  • Hang back to let the other driver get ahead of you
  • Safely pass the driver, if you can do so, and put distance between you
  • Continue to follow traffic laws
  • Contact 911 to report the driver when it is safe to do so

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