Jennifer Bezaire Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Man Seriously Injured in Crash During Retrofest Car Cruise

CTV News recently spoke with our partner Jennifer Bezaire about a lawsuit filed on behalf of a young man who was seriously injured in a crash during the 2022 Retrofest Car Cruise.

“His injuries will certainly be with him for the rest of his life,” Bezaire says. The victim of the crash suffered multiple fractures to his facial bones, a head injury and a fracture to his hand that needed surgery.

The victim was a passenger in a classic car that was part of a car cruise during Retrofest, which took place in Chatham-Kent.

“For some reason, they made the decision for the 2022 Retrofest, to change the route for the cruise,” Bezaire says.

In past years, the cruise stayed on streets with lower speed limits. However, in 2022, part of the route included Queens Line, which has speed limits up to 90 kmh.

“These vehicles are not equipped with seatbelts. They’re not equipped with…the standard safety equipment that we have on more modern cars, and so in our view there’s some negligence there for choosing that particular route,” Bezaire says.

Another lawsuit has been filed by the family of two people who died in the crash. The defendants in the lawsuit include Retrofest organizers, Chatham-Kent’s BIA and Historical Association, the municipality and the police force.

The driver of the car that hit the victims is also listed as a defendant. He faces criminal charges that include dangerous driving causing death and injury.

The criminal allegations against the driver have not been proven in court, and until the criminal matter has been resolved, Bezaire’s civil case cannot proceed.

“I imagine we’re probably going to be at this for another year or two at least,” Bezaire says.