LaSalle Public School’s Read, Rock and Roll-A-Thon

Read, Rock and Roll-A-Thon

Founding partner Greg Monforton had the honour of participating in LaSalle Public School’s Read, Rock and Roll-A-Thon on Friday, Feb. 26. Greg joined other notable community members in sharing his love of reading with La Salle Students.

The event included 100 minutes of reading, 100 minutes of physical movement and 100 minutes of math. It was a unique opportunity for students to find the fun in reading and math.

Invited special guests participated in the reading portion of the day. Each spent 20 minutes in three different classrooms where they read a story to the class and shared stories with the students about the importance of reading and the role that it has played in each of their careers.

Greg Monforton reading to students

Greg was honoured to have been given the opportunity to share with students the importance of expanding creativity and problem solving skills through reading. He explained to students that reading opens your mind and allows you to become a free thinker, pushing you to ask questions and providing you with the tools to find answers.

He reminded the students that in all roles in life, from parenting to teaching or working in a skilled trade or as a lawyer, it is important to be able to identify problems and formulate solutions, and that reading can help you do that.

Some additional notable guests included: Deputy Mayor Mark Bondy, Super Intendent of Education Todd Awender, town councilors Mike Akpata and Jeff Renaud, local police officers, and members of the LaSalle Vipers.

Greg Monforton & Partners is proud to continue our ongoing commitment to the Windsor-Essex community and to participate in worthy causes such as this.