Greg Monforton speaks out on Proposal to Remove Leamington Break Wall

Lawyer Greg MonfortonThe Ministry of Transport is currently assessing whether to spend millions to remove a rocky Leamington breakwall, which also happens to be the site of two fatal crashes and many more serious collisions.

Greg Monforton represents Danielle Feltham, one of the seriously injured passengers on board a yacht that crashed into the controversial breakwall on the evening of June 5, 2011.

Feltham was one of many individuals on the 23-foot-cruiser that crashed into the wall around 10:30 p.m. Feltham was thrown into the water where she climbed onto the rocks to look for more survivors. That evening, three people died and many more were injured.

This serious and longstanding problem exists because nighttime boaters just cannot see the breakwall jutting into their path. June 5, 2011 was not the first time innocent lives were needlessly lost as a result of this hazard. It is time to act,” Monforton said in a statement.

Monforton was also interviewed by AM800 CLKW in regard to the proposed removal of the wall.

After the boat collision, the province installed new lighting and radar reflectors to enhance visibility. The next step is for the ministry to decide if the breakwall should be removed. The cost to remove it has not been determined.

One study into the possible removal of the breakwall suggests that there would be an increase in waves at the mouth of the marina, which could make it more difficult to navigate that part of the marina. However, the ministry has to determine if keeping the barrier up will be more dangerous than taking it down.

Monforton urges the Town of Leamington, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada to remove the hazard and refuse to allow financial considerations to trump the issue of public safety.

The team of licensed personal injury lawyers at Greg Monforton & Partners will continue to monitor the proposal as they continue to work on Felthams case.