Partner Jennifer Bezaire Speaking in Roundtable Discussion on Infant Settlement Motions

jennifer bezaire blog imageJennifer Bezaire will be one of three lawyers speaking in a roundtable discussion sponsored by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association on Friday from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. The webinar/roundtable is titled “Getting your Infant Settlement Motions Approved – Tips and Tricks”.

The speakers will be focusing on the following aspects of infant settlement motions:

  • Required materials to get court approval of a settlement motion
  • Investment products that you can use instead of payment
  • Getting the court to approve an investment product as payment
  • New challenges faced by counsel in getting court approval of infant settlement motions
  • What should be included in a sealed affidavit

The speakers will also share precedents and checklists to help membership in securing approval of infant settlement motions more easily.

This free webinar is eligible for up to one substantive hour. You can register here.