Ontario Truck Association Backs Electronic Stabilization Legislation

Windsor truck accident lawyer Greg MonfortonRecent efforts to improve trucking safety in the province has the backing of Ontarios officials and the federal government.

Anti-rollover technology can help prevent accidents, says the Ontario Trucking Association, and safety regulators want to see it in commercial vehicles.

The proposed technology would utilize electronic stabilization sensors, which would be placed throughout the truck to determine whether traction is being lost or if a jackknife is about to take place.

In light of a Tuesday morning rollover accident, which happened at a roundabout on a road connecting Highway 3 and Highway 4 and backed up traffic for hours, the Ontario Trucking Association expressed its desire to move on this legislation sooner rather than later.

If we can prevent these things, lets do so, said Ontario Trucking Association representative Marco Beghetto.

To those who argue about the cost of the proposed technology, Beghetto says failure to make the switch will result in hours of lost productivity, which boils down to an expense in itself.

If we can prevent these things, lets do so, said Ontario Trucking Association representative Marco Beghetto.

“When you’re talking about a situation where a truck rolls over at a major corridor on the way to the border for example …and has the potential to tie up traffic for several hours, and all the loss productivity associated with that, for $600 or $1,000 on a unit at the manufacturing level, we think that’s cheap insurance, not to mention all the injuries it would prevent,” Beghetto said in a CBC News story.

Canada has made stability control systems mandatory in all cars and light-duty vehicles since 2011. The Ministry of Transportation has been officially behind the technology in trucks since last month.

The commercial trucking industry has been gradually leaning toward digitally regulating a few different operational aspects over the years. Currently, electronic logging systems keep track of hours driven to ensure drivers stay within federal safety limits.

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