Bicyclist Injured When Hit by Flatbed Truck Mirror

car passing a cyclistA Wallaceburg resident was injured after being hit from behind by the large passenger side mirror of a flatbed truck while training for a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in London.

According to reports, the cyclist was training for a 150-kilometre bike ride from Wallaceburg to London on Aug. 19.

The man was riding his bike on McCreary Line near Mandaumin Road on Friday afternoon when he was struck from behind by the truck as it passed him.

His father posted on Facebook that the man was wearing a helmet, but his left elbow suffered most of the damage and had large cuts and crushed bones. The man was transported to a Windsor hospital where he was set to have surgery on his arm.

The driver of the truck was charged with failing to turn to the left to avoid a collision with a bicycle.

When negligent motorists such as this fail to obey traffic laws and cause serious injuries to innocent cyclists, they may be held liable for the resulting damages.

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Ontario’s One-Metre Passing Law

Friday’s accident was a clear violation of Ontario’s one-metre passing law as evidenced by the truck driver’s citation.

The law (Section 148(6.1) of the Highway Traffic Act) was passed in September 2015 and requires that motorists who are planning to pass a cyclist leave one metre of space between their vehicle and the cyclist when passing.

If there is not enough room within the motorist’s lane for the one-metre cushion, the driver can cross the centre line of the roadway. If that cannot be done, the motorist must wait behind the cyclist until it is safe to pass.

A failure to leave a one-metre passing space can result in a $110 fine and two demerit points. This can also lead to a personal injury lawsuit, as the injured victim may be able to hold the driver liable for any resulting injuries.

This rule is vital to helping ensure the safety of cyclists traveling on Ontario’s roads. Bicycles lack the protections of traditional vehicles and often require rules and regulations to protect cyclists.

In general, motorists should always try to give bicyclists plenty of space when sharing the road.

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