Local Musician Urges Cyclists to Wear Helmets

bicycle helmetAfter a life-changing accident, a local musician is hoping her experience will serve as a reminder of why it is vital that cyclists always wear a helmet.

Last week, the songwriter and musician went out for a bike ride without her helmet, which is the last thing she remembers about her trip.

The woman stated in a CBC interview that she has no recollection of the night of the accident. She remembers setting out for an evening ride and then waking up in the hospital covered in blood.

A woman, who contacted the musician by Facebook, said she found the musician on the ground on Windermere Road near Ottawa Street and called for an ambulance. She did not provide much more information, so the musician does not know if she was struck by a vehicle or what specifically caused her accident.

The musician is currently recovering from a number of injuries, including a concussion, a brain bleed and serious road rash. Doctors have said she will need six weeks of recovery.

She has noted that she learned the hard way the importance of wearing a helmet. Now she is hoping to encourage everyone to wear one every time they ride a bike.

Many motorists do not see cyclists or are simply driving while distracted, so it is important that cyclists take precautions to help ensure their safety. Wearing a helmet is one of the most important steps a cyclist can take when setting out for a ride. Other safety precautions riders can take include:

  • Wearing bright, reflective clothing
  • Remaining alert at all times
  • Attaching a flashing light to your bicycle
  • Using hand signals to let motorists know where you are going
  • Riding with the flow of traffic

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