Motorcyclist Injured in Collision with Turkey, Tractor Trailer

motorcycle in roadA motorcyclist was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries Tuesday after hitting a wild turkey, losing control of the bike and colliding with a transport truck on Highway 3.

According to Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. at the intersection with Oldcastle Road between Walker Road and Sexton Side Road.

Police reported that the motorcycle was traveling eastbound on Highway 3 when it struck the turkey. The collision caused the motorcyclists to lose control of the vehicle. The motorcycle then struck a tractor trailer in the oncoming westbound lane.

The portion of highway was closed for several hours while police investigated.

This is the fourth serious motorcycle accident so far this year. Last week, two people suffered life-threatening injuries after their motorcycle was hit by another vehicle.

How to Avoid a Collision with Wildlife

According to a recent article from CBCNews, there has been an increasing presence of wild turkeys roaming through Windsor.

According to a local naturalist, turkeys roam free throughout the city. During this time of year, male turkeys can be seen fanning their tails looking for mates, often along roads, which can cause disruptions in traffic.

Drivers are warned to be careful if they encounter a turkey that is not afraid of vehicles. You should never assume that the animal will move out of the way. Most often, they will not move to accommodate a vehicle.

Motorists can attempt to avoid a collision by:

  • Scanning the road and its edges for signs of wildlife
  • Driving carefully during dawn and dusk when animals are active
  • Slowing down if you see signs of wildlife
  • Stopping for any animals that are in the road
  • Anticipating what the animal’s next move will be so you can react appropriately
  • Not swerving to avoid the animal

A collision with an animal is especially dangerous for motorcyclists as motorcycles do not have the protections offered by traditional vehicles.

What to Do If You Hit Wildlife While Driving

Accidents involving wildlife are not uncommon throughout the Windsor region, including those involving deer, moose and other large animals.

If you hit an animal, you should:

  • Pull off the road and turn on your hazard lights
  • Call 911 if anyone has been injured
  • You should never approach an injured or dead animal, but if you do, use extreme caution
  • Call the police to report the accident and wounded animal

If you have experienced damage to your vehicle, you can recover compensation for the damage through your collision or comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy. However, although all drivers in Ontario are required to carry insurance, these are both optional coverage options.

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