Motorcyclist Injured in East Tecumseh Collision

Tecumseh motorcycle accidentA motorcycle rider was taken to the hospital after a collision on Tecumseh Road East and Goyeau Street Friday afternoon. Emergency crews responded to the accident scene around 1:30 p.m.

A motorist traveling west on Tecumseh Road East stated that he witnessed the accident through his rearview mirror. He said he heard brakes screech and looked back to see the accident unfold.

According to the witness, a driver of a passenger vehicle cut the motorcyclist off, causing the rider to lock up his brakes.

The accident caused the motorcyclist to fall from the bike, which rolled over top of him. Both the rider and his bike reportedly rolled a few times.

The motorcyclist was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The witness of the incident also noted that the driver of the vehicle did not immediately stop after the accident and continued on for several blocks. The witness said he followed the driver and was able to convince him to return to the scene and wait for police.

How to Safely Share the Road with Motorcycles

Because of their small size, motorcycles are at a greater risk for not being seen by other motorists, a common cause of motorcycle accidents.

When driving near motorcycles, motorists should:

  • Look before you turn, especially when making a left turn
  • Check your blind spots regularly
  • Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and a motorcycle
  • Do not cut off a motorcyclist

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