Local Community Bands Together To Help Injury Victim

LogoOn May 25th, 2016, 15-year-old Madison Arsenault suffered a fractured skull after being impaled by a sawn-off golf club during a physical education class at the Ford Test Track.

As a result of the injuries that Madison sustained, she has faced many day-to-day challenges including not being able to access her second floor bedroom and being limited to the ground floor of her family home. While her family has done as much as they can to make Madison’s life as comfortable as possible, a local Windsor, ON philanthropist and businessman – Mr. Jim Scott – has taken the initiative to help the family renovate their home so that it is more accommodating for Madison and the challenges that may lay ahead.

Approximately 65 people – including members of the Holy Names Catholic High School football team – have made a commitment to help with the renovations, which will include demolition work and the addition of a new main-floor bedroom, an accessible kitchen and bathroom, a back desk complete with a hot tub for her injuries and also a garage with a lift. In total, 800 square feet will be added to the existing structure, with all material and labor costs being taken care of by the participating companies and tradespeople.

The project is being headed up by BK Cornerstone and NOR-BUILT Construction, with many other building crews and companies donating cash, time, supplies or discounts to help accomplish this task, which is expected to be completed in August.

On behalf of the personal injury lawyers and support staff at Greg Monforton & Partners, we would like to thank everyone that is participating in this wonderful effort!

To learn more about Madison’s incident, click on the following link: https://www.gregmonforton.com/blog/madison-arseneault-lawsuit-filed.html.