Two Tractor Trailer Collisions Shut Down Highway 401 in Chatham Kent

bright blue police car lightTwo serious collisions involving tractor trailers and several other vehicles closed portions of Highway 401 in Chatham Kent twice over the weekend.

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Highway 401 Accidents

On Friday, July 28, Canada’s busiest highway was closed for more than two hours after a collision involving five tractor trailers at Merlin Road in Tilbury.

According to reports, the accident happened when one tractor trailer came to a stop in a construction zone, causing another truck to slam into the back of it. Three other tractor trailers were also involved.

The multi-vehicle collision sent three drivers to the hospital with minor injuries.

Just a few days later, on Sunday, July 30, a five-vehicle collision on Highway 401 near Chatham sent two people to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

According to reports, a tractor trailer collided with a pick-up truck traveling in the same direction, leading to a chain reaction of collisions involving five vehicles.

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