Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween trick or treating safetyWhile Halloween may be a fun night to celebrate by going to parties, dressing up and getting candy, it is wise to take precautions regarding your childrens safety. Here are seven Halloween safety tips that could make the holiday a little safer and give you more peace of mind.

Trick or treating. When it comes to trick or treating, children under the age of 12 should head out with a trusted adult by their side. Older children should trick or treat in well-lit areas and in groups.

Visibility. By carrying flashlights or wearing glow stick jewelry, children are more visible to drivers and other pedestrians. Adding reflective tape to costumes is another way to make sure your child is seen by motorists.

Sidewalk safety. Have your children stick to the sidewalks when going door to door. Older children should trick or treat on routes with the least amount of street crossings.

Costume length. Make sure your child tries on his or her costume prior to Halloween night to make sure that it is not too long for them. Long costumes are easy to trip on as children are walking between houses and up the front steps to get candy.

Face paint. Face paint or makeup is a better option than a mask because it does not impede childrens vision like a mask.

Crossing safety. Remind your children before they leave to cross streets at corners and stay in crosswalks when crossing roads. They should look to the left, to the right and to the left once more when crossing streets. Children should not be looking at their smartphones while crossing.

Checking candy. Even older children should have their candy looked over by an adult before consuming it. Remember to dispose of any opened candy, and when in doubt, throw it out.

Follow these tips and you and your children will enjoy a safer Halloween holiday. If you or your child has been hurt because of a negligent driver or homeowner, contact an injury lawyer in Windsor Ontario at Greg Monforton & Partners today for a free legal consultation. Call (866) 320-4770 right away.