Greg Monforton Meets Kindergarten Class at Legacy Oak Trail Public School

drawing of greg monforton at kindergarten classOur founding partner Greg Monforton was a big hit yesterday at Legacy Oak Trail Public School in Lasalle, ON where he was invited to meet the Kindergarten class taught by Ms. Christina Benneian and her assistant Madame Deschamps.

The students asked many excellent questions for almost 45 minutes! The first question was “Are you real?” because the students see Greg on TV and wonder if he really exists! The second question was “What time do you get up in the morning?”.

Greg brought along his court robes to show the students and explain why robes are worn when going to court to talk to a judge.

The children presented Greg with a drawing of him that they created (see photo).

Greg showed the students photos of Teddy and Beau, his two toy poodles. Then the students showed Greg the 22 little chicks they had hatched in an incubator.

As things were wrapping up one student asked if he could give Greg a hug. That led to all 25 students lining up to give Greg a hug!

Congratulations to Ms. Benneian for reaching out and giving her students an excellent learning experience.