Giant Maple Leaf to Grace Windsor Waterfront as Early as July 1

windsor flag project

The Great Canadian Flag Project was approved unanimously at a City Hall meeting several weeks ago. Now, promoters are ramping up fundraising efforts as the project draws more support from citizens and local businesses.

Greg Monforton & Partners is proud to be a supporter of the Great Canadian Flag Project. Our firm donated $2,500 to the cause, knowing that there is still a great deal of assistance needed to install the 60 x 30 flag.

The projects promoters have budgeted $200,000 for the initial installation and another $100,000 for repairs and maintenance. While the $300,000 total may seem like a lofty goal, the projects promoters are optimistic that the funds and the flag may be raised as early as July 1, 2015.

Peter Hrastovec was one of the Great Canadian Flag Project promoters to approach the city council for its support. He explained the importance of the project and expressed his belief that Canadians across all provinces would swell with pride to see the large maple leaf flying over Windsors shores.

You can’t undervalue the importance of this issue

Councilman Bill Marra

In our view, there is no better way to acknowledge our country and what it means to us individually and collectively than to display [the flag] with pride on our riverfront, Hrastovec said to the council.

Councilman Bill Marra took the request for support one step further by publicly pledging $500 to the flag project. Marra stated that the value of the project couldn’t be underestimated.

We are so proud to be a part of the Great Canadian Flag Project. We wish the project promoters the best of luck in raising the outstanding capital, and we look forward to seeing their effort come to fruition.

If you would like to make a donation to the Great Canadian Flag Project, contact Michael Beale at 519-735-4633.