Longtime Essex Resident Receives Wheelchair Accessible Carport

wheelchair accessible carport builtGreg Monforton & Partners, in partnership with Timberland Homes, is proud to announce the completion of the design and construction of a carport allowing Mic Reaume of Essex, Ontario to safely and more easily access his customized van, particularly in inclement weather.

Mic has been wheelchair-bound for more than 40 years and has had increasing difficulty navigating his way to his customized van because his gravel driveway was unstable and there was no protection from the elements in inclement weather.

Shari Freeman, a Law Clerk at Greg Monforton & Partners, identified Mic’s need and pitched the project to the partners at the law firm.

The partners wanted to help and they approached Gino Piccioni of Timberland Homes to take on the design and construction of the project. Gino offered to do all his work at cost.

The total value of the project was approximately $75,000. Timberland Homes donated all design work and charged construction costs at its cost. Essex Readymix donated all concrete for the concrete pad for no charge whatsoever.

wheelchair accessible carport Greg Monforton & Partners contributed $30,000 cash to the project and covered all costs and legal work necessary to obtain a needed minor variance from the Town of Essex.

Mic Reaume said, “I’m very grateful for this gift. It makes transportation so much easier for me. I needed help from these generous donors and they willingly stepped up”.

Pictured in these images is Mic in his new carport, along with Greg Monforton & Partners team members primarily involved in steering the project:

  • Brad Robitaille (Managing Partner)
  • Shari Freeman (Law Clerk)
  • Laura Wilkie (former Director of Medical Outreach, now an Occupational Therapist @ DMA Rehability)
  • Kortney Larocque (Executive Assistant)

We are proud to have been involved in this project and hope that Mic enjoys his much-needed home improvement for many years to come.