Eliminate Jury Trials to Lessen COVID-19 Court Delays


firm founder greg monfortonWindsor injury lawyer Greg Monforton today announced that he and all 12 lawyers in his law firm have responded to a call for input by Attorney General Doug Downey by publicly supporting an initiative to eliminate civil jury trials in Ontario courts.

Monforton is a past president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and practices exclusively injury law in Ontario’s horribly backlogged court system. He and his firm have many jury trials that are at serious risk of being postponed because of COVID caused court closures.

Monforton said: “although we truly value our clients’ right to have a jury of peers decide their case, the realities of COVID-19 mean that our clients will suffer many more years of delay to get their cases to court. COVID-19 has closed our courts to jury trials. Eliminating juries will avoid more delay because we can immediately try cases “online/remotely” before a single judge”.

Monforton also said: “Attorney General Downey is smart to be looking at eliminating civil juries. He values access to justice, a cornerstone of our society, and hopefully he proceeds with this proposal so that our clients can get their day in court”.

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