Windsor Doctor Fights Off Coronavirus Infection That Sent Him to Intensive Care

ventilator tubesIn March, Dr. Dean Favot began experiencing strange symptoms. He lost his taste buds and his skin became unusually sensitive.

He thought these symptoms would go away in a few days, but they did not. After just 10 days, he was in the intensive care unit being treated for COVID-19. He eventually needed a ventilator so he could breathe.

Fortunately, Favot was able to beat the disease after a month in the intensive care unit, and he was discharged and able to go home.

Favot says this was the scariest time of his life. His wife and kids could not come to be with him at the hospital because of visitor restrictions.

Before he came home, his wife sent a group text to more than 100 friends and family members to set up a welcome home parade. Cars lined up along his street and people greeted him with claps and cheers.

Favot is urging people to take recommended safety precautions to avoid contracting the virus and avoid potentially spreading it to others.