CTV News Windsor Interviews Francesca Provenzano About Sacks For Santa Charity Initiative

graphic for sacks for santaCTV News Windsor recently did a story about the Sacks for Santa charity founded by our associate lawyer Francesca Provenzano.

Francesca started this initiative in 2019 to provide hygiene products, winter gear and non-perishable snacks to homeless youth at the Windsor Youth Centre.

“The demand is higher than ever this year, especially with our economy,” Francesca said.

Each year, Francesca has been able to collect 100 more backpacks than the previous year. For 2023, the goal is to donate 500 backpacks.

Demand at the Windsor Youth Centre has doubled in the last year, according to executive director, Rukshini Ponniah-Goulin.

Francesca will pick up donations if you email her. You can also send an e-transfer so Francesca can buy more products to donate. The donation drive ends on December 15.

Go to www.sacksforsanta.ca to learn more about this initiative.