Windsor Residents Worry About Rising Health Care Costs After Out-of-Province Coverage Cuts in 2020

huge medical bill with itemized expensesOn January 1, 2020, Ontario’s OHIP insurance system will only cover kidney dialysis (up to $210 per day) outside the province. The health plan will no longer provide coverage outside the province.

For snowbirds and others who regularly obtain health care outside the province, there is growing concern that health care premiums will increase.

Many snowbirds rely on private insurance because they have lost benefits from their companies. She has helped Windsor residents obtain legal representation in liability claims after injury accidents.

They lost out-of-province health coverage through their General Motors pensions. They are concerned about adding increasing health care costs on top of the cost of travel. This could impact everyone, not just snowbirds.

More than 20 people come to Windsor Regional Hospital each year after being unable to obtain treatment in the United States. Residents are concerned hospitals in the U.S. will discharge Canadians much faster with the cut to OHIP out-of-province benefits.

The director of organizational effectiveness at Windsor Regional Hospital thinks patients will need to come back to the province sooner to receive health care.

The province is urging residents to obtain additional coverage soon.