Greg Monforton OTLA Chronic Pain Presentation on June 4

windsor ontario trial lawyerGreg Monforton, a prominent trial lawyer, founder of Greg Monforton & Partners and member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) often discusses and shares his knowledge of trial best practices with new lawyers.

On June 4, Greg Monforton will participate as a presenter in a webinar sponsored by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. The webinar is entitled Building the Ultimate Chronic Pain Case -The Ins & Outs.

The OTLA webinar will bring together an elite team of medical and legal professionals with extensive experience litigating and treating chronic pain cases and patients. There are Continuing Legal Education credits available for lawyers who participate.

Greg Monforton will be highlighting how plaintiffs lawyers can successfully assert chronic pain legal claims on behalf of injured clients.  He will be reviewing specific legal strategies that can make or break a chronic pain injury case.

Additionally, lawyers with clients who have experienced injuries that lead to chronic pain are in a unique position to learn how to defend, avoid and minimize the defenses legal strategies.

As always, Greg Monforton & Partners enjoys learning, sharing and identifying the latest tactics, which can help protect the interests of injured residents throughout Windsor.