Large Trucking Accidents Share Many Common Causes

truck accident causesThe underlying causes of trucking accidents are varied. Collisions can happen due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in weather, among many factors. However, commercial vehicles are large rigs that require very specialized training and abilities to operate safely.

There are a few common causes of trucking accidents in Canada and abroad. For example, when a driver is improperly trained, inexperienced, or operates their rig in an illegal manner, the likelihood that an accident will happen is high. Below we examine some of the top reasons for large truck accidents, and how they may be avoided.

1. Truck driver is fatigued or under the influence of drugs/ alcohol

The trucking industry, by nature, relies on timely (if not speedy) delivery of goods. In many commercial trucking companies, drivers are rewarded or incentivized with bonuses when goods are delivered as promised or before. This leads many to falsify log books, which require they log a minimum amount of sleep, take amphetamines or drink to keep them awake. Driver fatigue and intoxication only increases the chance an accident will occur, and puts others in danger.

To avoid accidents, truckers simply need to obey the rules. Getting the proper amount of rest per day is crucial, and no driver should ever operate their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2. Lack of experience with their rig

Trucking has become an alternative occupation for many people who may not have the education or career experience other professions require. That said, it is also a highly competitive industry that many workers choose because of the potential for decent and steady income. An eagerness to get behind the wheel and start getting a paycheck is one common reason some drivers are simply not as experienced as they should be. Rather than going to a reputable driving school (which may require more time and a higher cost,) some drivers go to cut-rate schools, get the most minimum of experience and start driving. As in any walk of life, lack of experience leads to unpreparedness and amateur mistakes.

If you were suddenly given the responsibility of driving an 18-wheeler, would you know how to negotiate a quick turn?

3. Blind spots

Every commercial vehicle has a large blind spot that makes certain areas of the road impossible for the trucker to see in traffic. Blind spots are a major cause of trucking accidents simply because passenger cars do not have such large gaps in visibility, so it is hard for the average motorist to anticipate where they cannot be seen by the trucker.

To avoid a blind spot accident, drivers should always look for the truckers mirrors. As the saying goes, if you cant see their mirrors, they cant see you!

4. Mechanical problems due to lack of routine maintenance

This accident cause is completely in the hands of the trucker or the company that owns the commercial vehicle. If regular maintenance is not performed, there is a chance the rig could break down or cause a serious accident that may endanger other drivers.

Trucks, like any vehicle, need to be routinely inspected for tire wear, electrical problems, brake performance, and more.

Even if You Do Your Part, Truck Accidents Still Happen

Every driver plays an important role in preventing traffic accidents, but sometimes your actions alone arent enough. Despite your best efforts, truckers still may operate their vehicle recklessly and put you or your family in harms way. When that happens, we believe it is our job to hold the at-fault party accountable for their negligence.

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