Study Reveals Nursing Home Caretakers Spend Insufficient Time Taking Care of Residents

nursing home caregiver studyA recent study published in the Journal of Nursing Studies has uncovered that long-term care nurses spend less than half of their time taking care of residents.

Seven Canadian nursing homes were observed for two months. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses (LPN) and resident aides were observed in order to determine how much time they spend doing certain activities.

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While the results of each assisted living facility vary, overall, caretakers spent approximately 53 percent of their time performing non-care related tasks. Nursing aides spent about 35.5 percent of their time on non-value added activities. These tasks could include paperwork, cleaning or looking for equipment needed to perform their job duties.

The study concludes that there may be areas of improvement available wherein Registered Nurses and LPNs may delegate some of their activities to non-regulated workers.

Another recent study of Canadian nursing homes found that Ontario facilities are considered the most depressed. It is important that depression be measured at nursing as homes as it can affect quality of life.

Underfunding in the Ontario area has led to many homes being understaffed, meaning that caretakers have to balance their duties as best as possible.

With proper staffing, nursing home residents in the area may be able to receive better quality of care.

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