Cambridge Driver Causes Multiple Accidents Attempting to Flee Crash

hit-and-run accident lawyer, Greg MonfortonThree car accidents on the Can-Amera Parkway were the result of one drivers attempt to hit and run, Waterloo Regional Police said Sunday.

At approximately 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 4, an unidentified male motorist struck two vehicles on the Parkway and Townline Road in Cambridge before driving off and causing another crash at Conestoga Boulevard.

The motorist fled the scene of that accident, as well, and caused a third crash at Hespeler Road and Avenue Road, where he was held by motorists and witnesses to prevent him from fleeing again. The final crash involved three additional vehicles.

Staff Sgt. John Van Breda said that the accidents all happened within a five minute window.

Police confirm that the driver is a resident of the area. He was taken to Cambridge Memorial Hospital and treated for minor injuries, and no major injuries were reported by the other crash victims, officials say.

This drivers actions are one extreme example of a hit-and-run collision, where the driver flees the scene to avoid arrest or other legal consequences. Luckily for the people involved, the driver was taken into custody and did not escape the effects of his actions entirely.

Hit-and-runs are irresponsible on the part of the driver and dangerous for everyone involved. Witnesses in this case are still being sought to determine a cause of the drivers recklessness.

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