Who Should I Call First After a Windsor Car Crash: A Lawyer or the Insurance Company?

man using smartphoneCrash victims often have a lot of questions. They may think about calling the insurance company or debate calling a lawyer before the insurance company.

If you were injured in a crash and are unsure about who to call first, review the pros and cons of both options below. We also discuss what to do if the liable insurance company contacts you after suffering a car accident injury.

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Problems With Talking to the Insurance Company Before a Lawyer

Calling the insurance company first may sound like a good idea. You are going to need compensation for your injuries and damages and calling the insurance company should get the legal process started.

Conflicting Goals

Your goals after a car crash conflict with the insurance company’s goals. While you want to recover full compensation, the insurance company generally wants to pay out as little as possible. You may think things are different when you file a claim with your own insurance company, but even your own insurance company is committed to paying as little as possible.

Quick Settlement Offers

Ask yourself why insurance companies want to settle claims as quickly as possible. They are not doing so because they want to make sure you make the best recovery possible.

There is no way to know the full value of a claim when you are just days or weeks removed from the accident. It takes time for doctors and other interested parties to fully assess:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • How long your injuries may affect you
  • Ongoing damages you may suffer, like lost earning capacity
  • Non-economic damages

What this means is the insurance company’s initial offer is likely for far less compensation than you need.

Insurance Company Manipulation

If you contact an insurance company, you may be tempted to accept their low offer. Insurance companies know how to manipulate crash victims, they do it all the time.

Insurers know victims are often unsure of their rights and how to advocate for their best interests. Insurers may ask leading questions designed to get you to say something that hurts your case. For example, you might admit fault or downplay the seriousness of your injuries. You could do this without even realizing it.

Insurance companies know how to sound like your friend on the phone, which gets you to put your guard down and say things that could hurt your claim.

Using Caution When Talking to the Insurance Company

While you might not call the insurance company after an accident, they may call you. If this happens, you should know that you can tell them you would like to speak with a Windsor auto accident lawyer first. You can tell the insurance company you will answer their questions once you have a lawyer present.

If you do talk to the insurance company, keep the conversation brief, and stick to the facts. For example, do not get into specifics about your injuries. You can simply say that you are currently receiving medical treatment for injuries suffered in the accident. You can confirm you were in an accident and that the police were called.

You should avoid speculation when talking to the insurance company. Speculation could lead to you saying things that damage your credibility.

Why You Should Call a Lawyer First

The main reason to contact an experienced lawyer is that he or she should be committed to securing a favorable result. There is also research showing that crash victims who hire lawyers often obtain more compensation compared to those who do not.

Some people think calling a lawyer is going to make the process more complicated when the opposite is true. At Greg Monforton and Partners, we know the legal process can be highly stressful for crash victims. That is why we manage the process on behalf of our clients.

You do not need to deal with the insurance company, negotiate for compensation, prepare legal documents, or try to determine the full value of your damages.

By allowing your lawyer to contact the insurance company on your behalf, you do not need to worry about what to say or how to protect your claim.

Our lawyers are also committed to answering your questions throughout the legal process. This helps give crash victims peace of mind that their case is being handled well.

While many car accident claims settle, sometimes the insurance company does not agree to pay the compensation you need. When you hire a lawyer who has courtroom experience, he or she can file a lawsuit to pursue full compensation. Without a lawyer, the insurance company is unlikely to offer more compensation. When a lawyer is involved, insurance companies take claims more seriously.

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