Biz X Magazine Profiles Our Former Managing Partner and New Judge Jennifer Bezaire

jennifer bezaire blog imageOur former managing partner Jennifer Bezaire was recently profiled in Biz X Magazine as she begins her new role as Judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario in Windsor. Bezaire is one of two new judges of the Superior Court. Jason P. Howie was also appointed as a Judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario in Sarnia.

Bezaire received her law degree from the University of Windsor in 2001. During her time at university, she received the university’s Board of Governor’s Medal two years in a row.

She spent her first few years as a lawyer at Fraser, Milner, Casgrain LLP before joining Greg Monforton & Partners, where she remained for nearly 20 years. She quickly took on significant cases and secured favorable outcomes for her clients.

By 2013, Bezaire became a partner at the firm. While relentlessly advocating for her clients, she also volunteered with numerous organizations. She spoke at many continuing legal education seminars and taught auto insurance law at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. She eventually became the firm’s managing partner in 2022.

Co-founding partner of Greg Monforton and Partners, Greg Monforton, said that they have not “seen anyone quite like Jennifer.” He said she is a “superstar” who “has done it all.” Monforton said they have learned a lot from her and that “will be her true legacy.”

Co-founding partner Brad Robitaille said Bezaire was made to do this, “having proven herself an excellent lawyer for more than 20 years.”

In the article, Bezaire talked about what it was like to receive the call informing her that she had been appointed a judge. “It was surreal, but it was also very exciting,” she said. She was able to share the moment with her family and close friends because she was working from home that day.

Asked about the transition from being a lawyer for 21 years to being a judge, Bezaire looks forward to the challenge of her new role. She feels well prepared.

Bezaire also said she was fortunate to be able to work with “wonderful people on some interesting cases, and to teach and offer input on potential legal changes.”

The article also notes Bezaire was the 2019 Biz X Award winner for The Injury Lawyer It Doesn’t Hurt To Hire.