Chatham Bicyclist Airlifted to Hospital After Being Hit by Car

bicycle on the groundA Chatham man was airlifted to a London hospital with life-threatening injuries Monday evening after being struck by a car while riding a bicycle.

According to Chatham-Kent police, emergency crews reported to the intersection of Park Avenue West and Queen Street in Chatham around 9 p.m.

On Tuesday, the 52-year-old man remained in critical condition. The driver of the car was not injured in the accident.

The collision remains under investigation. Anyone with information on the accident is encouraged to contact Constable Jason Herder by calling 519-355-1092 or emailing [email protected].

Important Bicycle Safety Tips

Riding a bicycle near vehicles can be extremely dangerous. It is up to both drivers and bicyclists to remain aware of their surroundings and not engage in negligent actions that could lead to an accident, such as speeding or driving while distracted.

There are several things bicyclists can do, however, to better protect themselves while on the road:

  • Wear a properly fitting helmet
  • Make sure that you are able to be seen by motorists by wearing bright colored clothes, reflective materials and flashing lights
  • Stay alert and be on the lookout for hazards in your path
  • Act like a car by following traffic patterns and obeying all traffic laws and traffic lights
  • Use hand signals to let drivers know where you are going
  • Do not get distracted by music or your cellphone

Car vs. bicycle accidents can be devastating, just as the accident in Chatham earlier this week. Our bicycle accident lawyers know the devastation that can result and are dedicated to fighting for your rights and the compensation you deserve if your accident was caused by a negligent driver.

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