Greg Monforton & Partners’ Client Continues to Struggle with Recovery

head injuryAccording to a recent update, 14-year-old Madison Arseneault, who suffered a severe head injury while running with her physical education class in June, continues to make a slow recovery almost three months after the accident.

Arsenault was jogging on the field at the Ford Test Track with her class from Gordon McGregor School when she became entangled in a wire and was impaled by a golf club whose shaft had been shaved off. The wire and golf clubs were being used at the time by maintenance crews to create a straight chalk line across the field.

The young girl was rushed to Windsor Regional Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery. This week, after almost three months in a hospital in London, she has been moved to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto where she continues to struggle with her recovery.

The Arsenault family retained Jennifer Bezaire, a partner at Greg Monforton & Partners, to represent the girl in a lawsuit to be filed against the City of Windsor and Greater Essex County District School Board.

According to Bezaire, “She is still struggling with the paralysis on the left side of her body, she does still have the memory impairment, there’s some issues with anxiety, and she’s wheelchair dependent.”

Bezaire says that the girl’s family remains at her side and has been temporarily living in Toronto to be with her. The emotional and financial toll this has had on the family is tremendous.

It is unknown how long her rehabilitation will take. At this moment, all parties are focused on Arseneault’s therapy and hope that she will regain some physical function.

The amount of damages Bezaire will seek in the lawsuit depends on Arseneault’s recovery.