ALERT: More Than 140,000 Recalled GM Vehicles Still Driving In Canada

auto accident lawyer greg monfortonIn a recent statement released by Transport Canada, it has been revealed that more than 140,000 recalled General Motors vehicles are still driving on the road in Canada without having had the vehicle faults corrected.

Despite the federal government issuing a safety advisory in October and numerous notification efforts from the agency, tens of thousands of vehicles with an acknowledged defective ignition switch have yet to be fixed.

The recall – which included more than 30 MILLION vehicles in the North American market – has been linked to 36 deaths to date and has been known to cause affected vehicles to stall while in motion. More recently, it has been discovered that vehicle airbags are also disabled when the vehicle stalls.

Have you or someone that you know been injured in a collision that may have been caused by a defective ignition?

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