Number of Canadian Auto Recalls Highest Ever in 2014

personal injury lawyer Greg MonfortonWith over 8 million vehicles having been recalled in Canada last year, 2014 goes on record as the year with the greatest number of country-wide recalls to date.

Data from Transport Canada reveals that the nation witnessed almost 600 recalls in 2014 for problems ranging from air bag defects to faulty ignition switches. General Motors (GM) recalls, which issued warnings on an array of vehicle makes and models last year, accounted for approximately 368,000 vehicles in Canada.

The previous record for the highest number of recalled vehicles was set in 2010, when 468 recall notices were issued affecting 1.5 million vehicles. That year, car seats and tires were the components most frequently cited with problems.

GMs ignition switch recall disaster no doubt had an effect on the auto industry. Because the manufacturer allegedly waited more than a decade to come forward with the issues, other automakers chose to speak up immediately if any problem arose.

nobody else wanted to be the new GM, said George Iny, president of the Automobile Protection Association.

High profile recalls from manufacturer Honda and Japanese parts supplier Takata Corp. followed in GMs wake, with Honda Canada recalling 700,000 vehicles because of Takata’s potentially exploding air bags.

The amount of recalls issued last year was an anomaly, and experts predict fewer recalls in 2015. However, the numbers may remain high will GMs faux pas is fresh in manufacturers minds.

Josh Bailey, vice-president of research and editorial at vehicle value company Canadian Black Book, notes that manufacturers may take extra precautions bordering on oversensitivity to GMs situation.

I think that some of them are even recalling things that are not likely going to become a safety issue, Bailey said, but at the same time they want to make sure that they don’t have another ignition switch kind of thing creep up.

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