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serevent inhalerJune 8, 2006 – Researchers conducting a study assessing the safety of Serevent found that the inhaler more than tripled the risk of asthma-related deaths and concluded Serevent and Advair, a similar asthma drug, should not be used.

In addition to the added risk of death, researchers found those using Serevent also were at a greater risk for hospitalization from life-threatening side effects.

FDA Committee Recommends Stronger Serevent Warning

serevent inhaler packageJuly 30, 2005 – The FDA’s Pulmonary-Allergy Drugs Advisory Committee voted to recommend stronger warnings for Serevent. This decision came six months after a clinical study was stopped prematurely after data revealed serious side effects associated with Serevent.

This announcement came approximately one year after the FDA announced it would require GlaxoSmithKline to include more stringent warnings relating to potentially life-threatening side effects of Serevent. A similar warning also was added to GSK’s Advair, another asthma inhaler.

Clinical Study Alerts Researchers to Problems With Serevent

serevent inhalerA clinical trial undertaken to assess the safety of Serevent produced alarming results. The study demonstrated that Serevent users were more likely to suffer life-threatening asthma attacks. Fifty patients out of 13,176 given Serevent either died or suffered a life-threatening asthma attack during the course of the clinical trial.

Dr. David Graham, associate science director of the FDA Office of Drug Safety, testified before the U.S. Congress that Serevent poses a significant health risk and urged more stringent action be taken to protect patients. Dr. Graham believed the August 2004 warnings issued by the FDA did not go far enough to protect those taking the drug.

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