Martin Sheen Heads to Court in Accutane Trial

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Bottles of Accutane.Actor Charlie Sheen appeared before a Colorado judge this week , and now his father Martin Sheen will also reportedly appear in court. Martin Sheen is expected to testify in the case against the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the acne drug Accutane.

Actor James Marshall is suing the company alleging the drug ruined his career. Martin Sheen’s expected testimony has this story trending in Yahoo’s top five.

The forty three year old Marshall appeared in A Few Good Men playing a US Marine. Marshall reportedly says he took Accutane to clear up his skin, but the side affects were so bad he claims he was forced to remove his colon.

Accutane was taken off the market back in 2009 after a number of other legal claims alleging the drug cause bowel disease. Marshall is suing the drug company Roche for a reported 11 million dollars. The Accutane trial reportedly begins this week in New Jersey and that is where Martin Sheen is expected to testify on behalf of James Marshall.