Accident Drill Educates Windsor High School Students in Real-Life Setting

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Roughly 30 physics and automotive students from Windsor High School were able to experience the urgency of an auto accident in a demonstration put on by local emergency response agencies.

In a mock drill, the students witnessed police, fire rescue and EMTs respond to a two-car collision, with a volunteer student in place inside one of the vehicles. The volunteer, covered in a white sheet to simulate a fatality, was then extracted methodically to replicate a real-life response.

Students not only watched as the extraction took place, but a few even participated in preparing the vehicles for the drill. Senior automotive student Tim Chabot helped dent the vehicle and break its headlights to set the stage for the simulation.

During the event, police discussed the math they use in accident reconstruction efforts in order to properly assess what happened moments before the crash. Program participants were then asked to reconstruct the scene themselves by applying the techniques. The students used factors such as the length of tire marks on the road and data from the airbags deployment system to reach a conclusion.

Students then matched their findings with those of the police. Organizers also allowed the participants to use extrication tools and operate the tower-ladder truck to gain yet a deeper understanding of the process.

Feedback from the mock drill seemed to be positive for all involved. With the reality of a serious crash impact no doubt imprinted on their minds, the students got more than knowledge for their courses, they got an interactive reminder in the importance of safe driving.

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