Windsor Vying to be Test Site for Autonomous Vehicles

self-driving car testingThe city of Windsor is one of the latest Canadian cities hoping to become a site for testing self-driving cars. The city teamed up with the University of Windsor and local colleges in a joint pitch to Ford Canada to become the location for its Canadian autonomous testing.

Ford Canada has expressed its plan to test autonomous vehicles in the country, but it has not yet chosen a location to do so.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens believes Windsor would be the ideal location for a Canadian test site because it is a mid-sized city right on the Canada-U.S. border.

He drew contrasts to other cities vying for the opportunity, stating that Toronto is too large and congested and Stratford is too small. Stratford recently announced a partnership with the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association in its push to be chosen.

Windsors border location would allow automakers to test how self-driving vehicles will work across international borders. The University of Windsor also has valuable research capabilities.

On Jan. 1, Ontario became the first province to allow self-driving vehicles to be tested on roads. The province is working to position itself at the forefront of this developing technology that is transforming the auto industry.

The Dangers of Self-Driving Vehicles

Despite recent advancements in self-driving vehicles, the technology is still new and poses a number of hurdles and dangers to other drivers. An auto accident, including those involving autonomous vehicles, can lead to serious injuries.

The bid to become the next testing site will rely on coordinated efforts by federal, provincial and municipal leaders to ensure that it is done in a way that protects motorists.

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