University of Windsor Law School May Relocate Downtown

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According to reliable sources reporting to CBC News, it has been revealed that the University of Windsor Faculty of Law is currently considering a move to the Paul Martin federal building located at Ouellette Ave.

In a recent statement from University of Windsor president Alan Wilderman:

“The mayor and I have discussed how to bring a new faculty downtown and we have a very clear understanding of that,” said Wildeman.

However, Mayor of Windsor Eddie Francis will only say that he is in discussions with the University President about locating to another campus in the downtown district.

In a concurrent statement from the ON injury law firm Greg Monforton & Partners, it was revealed that five of their lawyers teach in various capacities at the University of Windsor and strongly agree that “moving the law school to downtown would be wonderful!”

As part of his annual address to the city, the Mayor also spoke to an audience of more than 500 and advised that in addition to new campuses being developed in the former Windsor Star Building, Greyhound bus depot and the armouries, an updated, central library is also slated to be relocated downtown along with plans for a new City Hall to be located at the parking lot currently adjacent to the existing structure.

All of these developments are slated to be ready by 2017.