Toyota Recalls 82,000 Minivans in Canada for Salt Corrosion Problem

In what is sure to be a record year for recalls in Canada and the United States, Toyota has announced that they will be recalling 516,000 vehicles worldwide including 82,380 minivans in Canada.

According to the auto manufacturer road salt that is commonly used in cold weather areas could lead to the corrosion of certain components. The road salt could cause the spare tire underneath the vehicle to ultimately detach, which is a serious hazard that could ultimately lead to a motor vehicle accident.

Model year 2004 to 2011 Sienna’s are impacted by the recall and Toyota Canada notes that some of the vehicles were involved in a recall issued in April 2010.

According to Toyota, no accidents, injuries or deaths related to the defects have been reported.

Additionally, the manufacturer is recalling 4,000 Highlander and Highlander hybrid SUVs, model year 2014. The car may not properly calculate the size of the front passenger which could cause the airbag to fail to deploy.

The remedy for the minivans will include the addition of a water splash protector and an anti-rust agent to reduce the risk of corrosion. However, Toyota notes that if the splash protector is misplaced or falls off, the spare tire carrier could still be affected by road salts.

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