Record Cold Blasts Ontario Prompting Driver Warning

With a forecast low of -20 Deg C and a wind chill dropping the apparent temperature even further, the current cold weather blast being felt throughout Ontario and the Northern US states is expected to break the current January low temperature of -20.6 Deg C, which was recorded in 1942, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Mr Geoff Coulson.

This particular system, even after the snow stops, is going to have significant impacts on Southwestern Ontario, said Coulson.

Many schools are expected to be closed over the following days, with school buses having already been cancelled in Windsor and Essex County.

With Sunday’s snowfall of approximately 20 centimetres, snow plowing on the roads throughout the region is already a potential cause of low visibility, according to Coulson, which may increase traffic congestion and significantly increase the chances of serious automotive accidents.

The City of Windsor is currently asking motorists for patience and co-operation while street teams and contractors are trying to clear the roads and are requesting that drivers also avoid parking on the streets to enable the snow plows to clear as much snow as possible.

At the offices of Greg Monforton & Partners, our team of personal injury lawyers and support staff would also like to alert Ontario motorists that this drop in temperature has also raised the possibility of the roads becoming very slippery with ice and urge all drivers to exercise extreme caution while on the roads and highways over the coming days.