Long-Time Ford Employees Present Petition for National Auto Strategy to House of Commons

National auto strategy petitionersOn Monday April 20, 2015, Jessica John, daughter of our very own Pat Forfitt, and Heather MacDonald-Ellis were in Ottawa presenting the House of Commons with a petition pushing for a national auto strategy.

The two women, who are long-time Ford workers, began collecting signatures last fall after they believed Windsor lost a potential investment as a result of not having a strategy in place. Specifically, two levels of government failed to reach a deal last fall with Ford Motor Co., a deal which would have meant a $2 billion investment and the creation of nearly 1,000 news jobs in Windsor.

More than 9,000 signatures were presented to New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Brian Masse, who then presented the petition to the House of Commons. Earlier this year, Masse praised the petition and grassroots initiative efforts of the long-time Ford employees.

In January 2015, MacDonald-Ellis also told the Windsor Star that the pairs efforts led to an email exchange with Ford of Canada President Dianne Craig who commended their efforts.

The team at Greg Monforton & Partners lauds and supports the efforts of Jessica John and Heather MacDonald Ellis.

Image courtesy of Aadel Haleem/CBC.