Greg Monforton Reminisces about Performing at the Long-Forgotten Jackson Park Bandshell

a bass guitar neckGreg Monforton is a well-known trial lawyer in the Windsor, Ontario area, however, what some people may not know is that he is also a musician. Although his musical talents are now reserved for jamming with his son, in the early 70s it was all about rock ‘n’ roll.

In 1972, playing bass guitar with Scott Hughes, Monforton was part of an eight-man band known as Galleon. The band performed a variety of the rock and pop standards of the time period, but in particular they were focused on the stylings of jazz-rock group Chicago; Galleon even had its own horn section similar to Chicago’s.

Monforton has fond memories of playing at the Jackson Park bandshell which is no longer in use and only used for storage by the city of Windsors Parks and Recreation Department.

Galleon played around town and eventually competed in the annual Battle of the Bands competition in Jackson Park, at the bandshell, over Labour Day weekend. The group performed twice in September 1972 and made it into the top five. Unfortunately, they didn’t win and the details as to what stopped them from capturing the top spot elude their former bass player.

Although Monforton’s band days are over, the memories of his years playing in Galleon still live on as do his recollections of playing at the bandshell.

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