OPP Says Dramatic Increase in Ontario Motorcycle Deaths

police-urge-motorcycle-safetyIn advance of the long holiday weekend, police issued a strong message to motorcyclists about making safety a priority. The Ontario Provincial Police West Region stated that the number of motorcycle-related deaths in 2022 has nearly doubled compared to last year.

On average, the OPP reports seven deaths from motorcycle crashes each year. However, according to the latest reports for 2022, there have already been 12 fatal motorcycle collisions in the region. This is a significant increase compared to the seven motorcycle deaths that occurred last year during the same time period. According to CBC news, police say that motorcyclists, rather than drivers, were at fault in over 70 per cent of these crashes. All of these collisions could have been prevented.

Most Motorcycle Crashes Are Preventable

None of these crashes were due to bad weather. In fact, all of them occurred under sunny and dry conditions. Rather, the leading causes in all of these most recent fatal motorcycle collisions were speeding, failing to yield at intersections and loss of vehicle control. Most of these incidents happened on the weekends between noon and 4 p.m.

John Patrick, Fanshawe College chief motorcycle instructor believes more crashes are happening because many less experienced motorcyclists are going out for a joyride and attempting maneuvers beyond their skill level. He urges riders to commit to getting proper training and practicing their skills.

How Motorcyclists Can Help to Avoid Crashes

OPP Const. Melissa Tutin, with 22 years of experience, is no stranger to riding motorcycles. In speaking about the number of motorcycle fatalities, she said, “It’s sobering and it’s heartbreaking.”

She advises motorcyclists who are out riding to remember:

  • Never assume other motorists can see you
  • Keep your head “on a swivel” and looking toward the horizon and constantly scanning every driveway, entrance, intersection and exit
  • Plan out the route to your destination in advance, and remember to include breaks
  • Always follow traffic rules; obeying speed limits, following road signs, adhering to road lines.

Most importantly, Patrick urges motorcyclists to remember that they have no protection from the elements or other motorists.

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