Northeast United States Hit with Severe Winter Weather

Although Ontario was spared the worst from Winter Storm Pax, residents of the Northeastern United States have been dealing with severe weather since late Wednesday evening. According to reports, cities throughout the east coast have received anywhere from 9 to 19 inches of snow.

The Associated Press reports that a mix of snow and sleet has grounded more than 6,500 flights, closed schools and businesses and caused vehicles to be stranded in various states. It is estimated that more than 700,000 homes and businesses are without power, mostly in the Carolinas and Georgia. Approximately 18 deaths due to traffic accidents have been reported including pedestrians hit by snowplow trucks, snowplow drivers being hit by dump truck and even a man falling from a tree limb.

Roads in North Carolina are clogged with abandoned vehicles and National Guardsmen have been patrolling the roads looking for stranded motorists. Some believe that by the end of the storm early Friday more than 10,000 flights will have been cancelled. Ontario residents should be sure to check their flight before heading off to the airport.

Winter weather is expected to continue for another few weeks. Greg Monforton & Partners would like to remind drivers to drive safely on wintry roads with these simple tips.