Case of Children Slain in I-75 Pile-Up Progresses Against Trucker

truck accident lawyer Greg Monforton Windsor, ONNearly two years after a devastating pile-up on Interstate 75 took the lives of two children and severely injured their mother, Windsor lawyer Greg Monforton and Michigan lawyer Robert Darling are making headway in the case against the trucker that hit their vehicle.

The pace of lawsuit, although Im sure seems snail-like to folks, is actually moving along quite well, Monforton told

We hope to get this case into a courtroom in the late fall of this year if resolution is not achieved prior to that time, said Monforton.

The deaths of 7-year-old Aidan Hicks and his sister, 9-year-old Gabrielle Greenwood, are a sobering reminder of the dangers negligent drivers present on our roadways, especially in inclement weather.

On Jan. 31, 2013, a sudden snowstorm caused a massive pile-up on I-75 in Detroit. The Mazda carrying Hicks, Greenwood, Aidans mother Kim Barrett, Gabrielle’s 10-year-old sister Hannah Greenwood, and her father Glen Greenwood, was struck by a 1996-model semi in poor working order.

In all, 50 vehicles were involved in the massive crash that killed the children.

Upon investigation, Monforton & Darling discovered that the trucks driver, who has not been identified, had been cited for five safety violations, two of which were for following too closely. The pair further discovered that six of the trucks eight axles were so deficient that the vehicles braking ability was reduced to 50 percent.

Regardless of weather, Monforton and Darling determined, the truckers negligence was to blame in this Hicks-Greenwood accident.

Witnesses are still being sought in the accident as evidence against the trucker continues to mount. Greg Monforton & Partners will continue to provide updates on this case as they become available.