Hwy. 401 Lanes Reopen After 50-Vehicle Crash

50-car crash on Hwy. 401

The westbound lanes of Highway 401 were fully reopened Wednesday evening, following a 50-car pileup.

Authorities found dozens of trucks, tankers and tractor trailers scattered across a stretch of the 401 between County Rd. 30 in Belleville and County Rd. 40 in Trenton, just after midnight.

Authorities say the massive pile-up was triggered by icy roads. One eyewitness claims snow and ice with blizzard conditions seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

At least one firefighter told authorities, hes never seen such destruction on the 401 in his 38-year career.

“Nothing like this involving so many tractor trailers and tanker trucks,” Dave McCue said. “It’s amazing no one was killed.”

Officials say dozens of tractor trailers were part of the crash. Some were carrying diesel fuel and canola oil, and the accident ripped open one of the tankers, causing a significant spill along the shoulder of the highway.

Crews were able to clean up the spill and officials are were on scene to assess the potential for any health and safety risks.

At least four people suffered minor injuries and authorities made make-shift housing arrangements for over 50 stranded people. Officials say it was amazing that no one was seriously hurt.

Use Caution in Hazardous Driving Conditions

Authorities around the area are warning motorists about a messy mix of snow and ice pellets may lead to hazardous driving conditions. Drivers are being urged to use extra caution while out on the road and adjust their following distances to changing weather conditions.

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