Study: Helmet Use Reduces Risk of Head Injury

bicycle rider wearing a helmetThere has been an uptick in urban cycling in recent years, however not everyone is choosing to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. According to a recent study, that could be a mistake.

Researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson have identified a direct link between the use of helmets and a reduction in head trauma.

The study, presented earlier this month at the 2015 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons, analyzed data from the U.S. 2012 National Trauma Bank. The researchers looked at 6,267 patients who had suffered head injuries as a result of riding a bicycle, only 25 per cent of whom were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident

The results show quite clearly that helmets play an important role in protecting riders from head injuries.

  • Of those who wore a helmet, they were 58 per cent less likely to suffer from a severe head injury and 59 per cent less likely to die while riding a bicycle
  • Patients were 61 per cent less likely to need a craniotomy, a neurosurgical procedure that removes part of the skull
  • Patients were 26 per cent less likely to experience a face injury

The researchers also analyzed the impact that age had on helmet use. They found that as patients became older, they were more likely to wear a helmet. However, that increase stopped at age 70 and began to decrease.

Patients ages 10- to 20-years-old were least likely to wear a helmet, while females are more likely than males to wear head protection while riding a bicycle.

This past summer, Statistics Canada revealed that less than one quarter of Windsor cyclists wear a helmet. This year marks the third year that the area has had the lowest percentage of bicyclists wearing helmets.

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