Congratulations Dr. Joanna Sweet

We are proud to announce that our newest associate lawyer Dr. Joanna Sweet has, in addition to her busy injury law practice, been appointed to serve as the M.A. Internship Coordinator in the Political Science Department at the University of Windsor. Joanna has worked in this position since the program’s inception in 2012.

The internship program allows students to obtain a Master of Arts degree in political science by completing a paid, six month internship. Joanna is responsible for securing internship positions with community partners, which include local municipalities and non-profit organizations, and for placing and supervising students throughout the course of their internships.

Joanna also teaches the in-class component of the program, where the students learn to research and write the final papers necessary to complete their degree requirements. Joanna supervises the writing process and evaluates the final papers. A link to Joanna’s web page at the University of Windsor can be found here:


Congratulations Joanna. We are so proud to see your continued involvement with the University of Windsor.