Burlington Skyway Re-Opens after Drunk Driving Accident

Four days after a dump truck accident damaged the Burlington Skyways structure and forced motorists to re-think their travel plans, the Skyway has finally reopened.

On Thursday, July 31, Sukhvinder Singh Rai, was driving a dump truck and attempted to travel over the bridge with the trucks bed raised. The bed slammed into the bridges overhead steel trusses and caused extensive damage. Rai was arrested at the scene and failed breath test taken at a local police station. He faces one count of impaired operation of a motor vehicle and one count of blood alcohol level exceeding 80 milligrams while operating a vehicle.

According to initial reports, other motorists tried to warn the truck driver by honking their horns. Construction workers raced down scaffoldings onto the steel structure of the bridge to try to get out of harms way.  No one was seriously injured in the crash.

The Toronto-bound lanes of the bridge were closed until Monday evening when temporary repairs to the steel and pavement were completed. Crews also removed debris from multiple vehicles that were involved in the wreck.

Although the driver was impaired at the time of the crash, the incident is still being investigated. Height sensors leading up to the bridge are supposed to alert drivers when their vehicles are too tall, but the sensors did not go off. Police are suggested that the truck bed may have been down when the driver passed the sensors.

The Ministry of Transportation believes that it will take additional time to fully repair the bridge and permanent repairs will take place overnight to lessen the impact on traffic. Drivers should be mindful of detours and signage indicating new routes as construction on the bridge continues.

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