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Have you or someone you love been the victim of a commercial trucking collision in Chatham-Kent?

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Types of Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents are typically caused by three major factors: driver negligence, poor vehicle maintenance, or the inherent difficulties of swerving to avoid an oncoming crash. Each set of circumstances will contribute to the type of crash that a truck is involved in.

The following are the most common types of Chatham-Kent truck accidents:

  • Improper braking techniques
    • Improper braking can cause the trucks brakes to wear out and make them less effective
  • Jackknife accidents
    • If the axle locks up, a truck will skid forward, creating the back up to flip over the front
  • No-Zone, or blind spot collisions
    • Like passenger cars, truck blind spots can cause accidents when a vehicle passes through it. On trucks area is also called a No-Zone
  • Rear-end collisions
    • The most common type of vehicle accident becomes much more dangerous when a truck is involved
  • Rollover accidents
    • High speeds and inclining or declining roads can cause the truck to tip and rollover
  • Under-ride accidents
    • When a smaller vehicle goes under the trailer of a much larger truck. These accidents usually result in serious head wounds or death for the passenger vehicle driver.

Due to the shape and size of many commercial vehicles, the high center of gravity can be one of the top reasons they will be involved in an accident. The sheer mechanics of trying to stop or swerve a truck with so much momentum behind the front wheels can also contribute.

Negligent Truck Driver Behaviors

Truck driver negligence can take the form of:

  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Poor or inadequate training
  • Tight deadlines
  • Aggression
  • and many other reckless or endangering behaviors.

Contacting a Chatham-Kent truck accident law firm can give crash victims the peace of mind that their case will be handled while they recover from their injuries or mourn the loss of a loved one that died in the crash.

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