Contingency Fees

At Greg Monforton & Partners our fees reflect our experience in medical malpractice claims and are generally based on a percentage of the total amount of compensation recovered. A total amount may be decided under a contingency fee arrangement.

What are Contingency Fees?

Contingency can be defined as an event that may occur, meaning that when a lawyer works on a contingency basis fees will be collected in the event of a successful case. If the medical malpractice case is successful the client will only be charged the agreed upon amount, commonly a percentage of what was recovered during the case. If the case is not successful, the client will not have to pay any fees.

By working on a contingency basis the lawyer accepts the risk of not being paid, and in medical malpractice claims the risks can be very high.

Fee Regulations in Canada

The Law Society of Upper Canada passed a new regulation in October of 2002 that allows Ontario lawyer to enter into contingency fee agreements with their clients and to set standards for determining what is considered a fair and reasonable contingency fee.

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How are Fee Arrangements Made?

Typically these arrangements are a written contract that details how the client intends to pay the lawyer for their legal services. Along with the lawyers fees the agreement might also include information on other fees the client may have to pay such as court fees. By having the agreement in writing it protects you as a client and the lawyer as a service provider.

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